• Aggregate per location – NYMIR does not restrict its coverage limits to one aggregate
  • Failure to supply
  • Acts of Terrorism – Automatic coverage for terrorism to full policy limits.
  • Sudden & Accidental Pollution Liability
  • Personal Identity Theft - Includes misappropriation of personal identification information stored on the municipality’s computer system that results in wrongful or fraudulent use of information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers or other valuable information of a resident, a public official, employee or authorized volunteer.
  • Optional Broadened Cyber Breach Coverage available provides $50,000 to cover costs affiliated with data restoration & recreation, credit monitoring and notification of affected parties to comply with state and federal requirements
  • Municipal Sponsored Recreation Programs
  • Allegations of Sexual Abuse & Molestation – Full Policy limits are provided


  • Consent to Settle Coverage
  • Deductible applies only to indemnity payment
  • Full Prior Acts
  • Defense Costs are Payable in Addition to Limits
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Extended Employment Practices Coverage (Optional) - protection for back wages, mental anguish and emotional distress.  $25,000 defense expense is also offered for non-monetary claims. 
  • Allegations of Civil Rights and/or Discrimination
  • Land Use



  • Appraisal Program:  A professional appraisal company will conduct an independent appraisal of your buildings with values of $50,000 or greater scheduled on the statement at no cost to you.
  • Earthquake & Excess Flood: Flood Zones A & V are covered up to $1,000,000 with a $500,000 deductible. 
  • Pollution Clean-up - $50,000 is available for expenses you incur for clean up of “pollutants” for land, air or water from covered real property.
  • Valuation of Building and Contents: NYMIR automatically provides valuation at agreed amount with a blanket limit
  • Equipment Breakdown: NYMIR provides coverage for boilers and building machinery/equipment breakdown at all locations. This includes coverage for mechanical malfunction of water and sewer pumps.  

Crime and Fidelity Coverage 

  • Various limits are available and can be tailored to your municipality’s needs
  • Employee Dishonesty Blanket Coverage
    • Faithful Performance Automatically Included (Higher Limits Available by Position Type)
  • Coverage is available for all employees
  • No Exclusion for Tax Collector or Treasurer
  • Responsibility of Elected Officials for other funds is included                                                                              

 Additional Coverage Available Include:

- Computer Fraud (fraudulent transfer of money or property of value)
- Wire Transfer
- Forgery or alteration
- Theft of money and securities inside and outside the premises can be increased ($10,000 per occurrence is automatically provided under your property policy).

Law Enforcement Liability

  • Allegations of false arrest, excessive force, malicious  prosecution and unlawful search and seizure
  • Consent To Settle
  • Violations of civil rights
  • Building related illnesses
  • Facility related communicable diseases
  • Claims of abuse and molestation
  • Supervisory exposures  in directing auto pursuits

Automobile Coverage Features

  • Automatic $3,000 Additional Equipment coverage for equipment installed on municipal vehicles.
  • Deductible reimbursement up to $1,000 for physical damage to any municipal employee’s personally owned vehicle while using in the course of municipal duties and responsibilities.
  • Replacement cost new valuation for police vehicles 10 years old or newer.


  • Rental Expense Reimbursement up to $500 per day
  • $100,000  leased or borrowed equipment
  • Replacement for trucks 10 years old or newer
  • Expenses exceeding 75% of the agreed value of a vehicle or equipment will be considered a total loss

FIRE DEPARTMENT-SPECIAL COVERAGES                            


Actual Loss You Sustain Coverage for the following property:

  • Communication Equipment, Computers and Media
  • Emergency sirens/horns and traffic control devices 
  • Computers, printers, scanners, modems and related peripheral equipment
  • Radio, television, and video equipment, satellite dishes, towers   
  • Accounts Receivable and Valuable papers & records
  • Fire Extinguisher Recharge Expenses due to covered losses
  • Extra Expenses to avoid and minimize business interruption
  • Commandeered Personal Property of others; includes owner’s loss of use expenses

Inland Marine/Fire Equipment

Fire Department Vehicles covered at replacement cost allowing you to replace with a comparable new truck manufactured to current required specifications.

Damage to your Fireman’s Personal Property during the course of responding to or returning from a department emergency call:

  • $2,500 per Fireman/ $5,000 per any one incident
  • Damage reimbursement up to $1,000 to a Fireman’s personal auto

Scheduled Portable Equipment Coverage-$10,000 to re-certify your damaged equipment if required by a governmental agency-no deductible applies.

Commandeered Property - $25,000 to repair or replace mobile property of others damaged from a covered loss. No deductible applies.

*Please note:  This proposal does not expand coverage beyond what is provided in the policy.  For complete policy information, please contact NYMIR.

Auto Coverage- NYMIR Insured Vehicles -Automatic $3,000Additional Equipment Extension is included to provide up to  $3,000 per vehicle for equipment that is installed in and/or on the vehicle.

General Liability Coverages

  • Limited Pollution- Included for Fire Fighting Activities, training and intentional demolition burns for the purpose of limiting a fire.
  • Discharge of Pollutants for purposes of controlling a fire
  • Mutual Aid
  • Emergency Medical Technicians Errors & Omissions Coverage

Public Officials – Errors & Omissions Coverage (when General Liability is with NYMIR)

  • Automatically Included for Department and Boards
  • Elected Officials
  • Authorized Volunteers



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